Tyros PSR & Genos - Samples for Korg Wersi etc (at bottom)


Klaus-4-Tyros Genos & PSR registration software

Click the image for all information on how to purchase this pack plus a Youtube Demo of the Klaus-4-Tyros software pack.


Legends-4-Tyros / Genos / PSR registration software

Legends for Tyros Genos & PSR. 2 Banks of mixed registrations and new OTS (One Touch Settings) based on familiar famous instrumental sounds adding up to 80 presets in total. These operate as a plug and play from the USB stick


Vintage EURO Organ Pack

Vintage EURO Organ pack for Tyros PSR & Genos. A selection of samples from genuine vintage Helios and H-100 plus a few X-66 organ samples with a Klaus theme containing over 50 samples plus a selection of registrations OTS (One Touch Settings) factory styles and miltipads.


70s Home Organ Pack

*Requires at least 300megabytes of free space in your expansion memory* Contains over 30 samples plus a selection of registrations, OTS (one touch settings), Multipads and factory styles. The samples are from John Mann's Eminent 2000 Grand Theatre Organ.


70s Combo Organ

*This requires at least 300megabytes of free space in your expansion memory* Contains 50 samples from my own Crumar Haven Organ plus a selection of registrations, OTS, Multipads and factory styles based on the legendary sound of Alan Haven. 


Yesteryear registration software Tyros Genos & PSR

Contains 2 banks of registrations, New OTS, Retro sounding drum styles Multipads & new tones based on the retro Eminent 2000 Grand Theatre Home Organ.The individual tones are categorised into folders so you can easily create your own Yesteryear registrations.


Vintage Euro Organ 2 Expansion Pack (GENOS ONLY)

Genos Only

Contains over 50 sample tones from famous European Organs of the 70s, This pack is very much tailored to the Klaus Wunderlich sound and also includes the Klaus-4-Genos registration bank with styles and multipads.

Click to watch Video demonstration

Strictly Ballroom (Genos Only)

Strictly Ballroom-For Yamaha Genos Only

This pack features

2 banks of registrations

Swing & Sway (10 Presets)

Latin Lounge (10 Presets)

plus new OTS for each (One Touch Settings) making

100 registrations in total. Some feature ensemble sounds.

Ballroom type factory styles are assigned to each preset

plus suitable multi pad phrases.

Some additional sound variations can be selected from the Ballroom

styles folder on the USB stick.

Available on USB stick price= £29.50

Direct download price= £15.00.


Organ Lounge for Genos (Genos Only)

Organ Lounge-For Yamaha Genos Only

This USB stick contains 3 banks of 10 Vintage organ registrations of which the Home Organ set has 4 additional sets for each of the 10 of which you can select with the ONE TOUCH SETTING BUTTONS. (OTS) Assigned to these fine registrations is a factory rhythm style for each with some of the backings revoiced with organ sounds. There are also vintage phrases within some of the MULTI PADS which match the left hand chords you play. These fine set of registrations will transform your Yamaha Genos into a vintage organ.

Available on USB stick price= £29.50

Direct download price= £15.00.